Software Development

Technology is running the world. At Tasacom, we bring your ideas and goals to reality.

Tasacom is a rapidly growing software company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas specializing in business technology solutions and custom software applications.

Our main goal is to assist business and nonprofit organizations to become more competitive, reduce costs and increase productivity. We bring quality consulting services and add value to our clients projects.

For over five years, we have been designing, building and supporting applications that will help any size and type of business thrive. Our software development services include; web applications, mobile applications, system integration, business automation and complete data analysis.

Tasacom adheres to excellent quality standards for the entire software development project life cycle. Quality assurance is part of the project execution team offshore as well as stateside. Together our teams ensure adherence of processes and procedures in accordance with these quality standards.

When you come to us, we will achieve the following:

  • Satisfy customer expectations
  • Equip with state of the art technology
  • Provide reasonably priced services
  • Offer quality software products and services
  • Deliver services on time
  • Improve product quality, increase productivity and decrease cycle time
  • Motivate all employees to participate in software process improvement

For more information about our Software development services, please call 972.445.7121 or send us an email at