Big Data Analysis

Tasacom big data analysis consists of consulting advice, small/mid-level business solutions, as well as upgrade solutions.

At Tasacom we understand that the big data sector is growing rapidly and has made many promises such as being able to deliver game-changing solutions for various industry verticals. Therefore, it is important to recognize important nuggets of information hidden in the numerous resources of enterprise data systems, and those external to the enterprise immediately.

It’s true that many technological organizations want to leverage smarter analytics and data intelligence by deploying and managing an enterprise-grade solution. Tasacom offers services that can help you identify these challenges, and assist organizations developing adaptable information-based solutions at a faster pace.

Our experts transform raw data into accurate decision support. Data is crucial, but huge data is difficult to process using traditional BI tools. We integrate advanced analytics for big data with BI systems to get data output.

Tasacom Business Analytics allow you to access and analyze your information whenever you need to do so. With this feature, you can make sure everything is on track, which allows your business to run more effectively. Additionally, you can find out what you can do to get your business on the same level, if not above, your competitors. The Business Analytics that we provide allow you to make sure that you have access to data about all areas of your business.

Our customer-centric approach for the process of technology evaluation is as follows:

  • Elaborate client’s requirements for solution
  • Identify security, performance,and feasibility
  • Find where the solution will run – web, desktop, or mobile
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Evaluate existing technology, if any
  • Get project budget
  • Select a technology
  • Evaluate it against requirements
  • Understand its benefits and constraints
  • Suggest a technology and a solution to client
  • Get client’s approval
  • Start work