Consulting – IT Staffing

Tasacom can help you with your IT resource staffing needs because we work with you to find, evaluate, and interview specialists for your specific projects ranging from; Java, Mobile Technologies (Android &iOS), Data Warehousing, .NET, ERP Technologies, Business Analysts and much more.

We understand that not all our customers are going to be familiar with latest technologies, which is why we provide consulting advice to those who are just getting started or need to accelerate their pace. We already have a large customer base, yet we are always accepting new customers because we have a large team of various technologies consultants who are ready to get your business where you want it to be.

Our process helps to validate the candidates’ skill sets and experience and to shortlist only those candidates who can add value to an organization. The solutions are flexible depending on the clients’ environment and culture. Executing this model extensively has made us one of the leading staffing solutions providers dealing with Managed Service Providers (MSP). Our experience in handling MSP models and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) like Fieldglass, IQNavigator, Provade and many more, has helped us deliver the best solutions meeting all our client requirements.

Our teams are comprised of:

  • Project Managers and Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • ETL & Data Warehousing Specialists
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality Testers

What to expect from our consultants:

  • Reviewing and analyzing your organization’s goals
  • Custom IT strategy for your business
  • Assessment of your current capabilities
  • Helping you determine your future business directives